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How many puzzles should a great game have? Only unlimited!

Turnacle offers an unlimited amount of puzzles in two game modes, totaling six levels of difficulty. No two puzzles are the same. You will be challenged!

Solve puzzles, earn achievements and compete with your friends on the Game Center leaderboards.

In Turnacle, the goal is to solve grids consisting of colored discs. A grid consists of up to 66 discs with up to six colors. Rotate the discs so the colors align with the neighboring discs. If all discs are properly aligned, the grid is solved.

In Classic mode, you'll solve a sequence of grids as fast as possible. In Puzzle mode, you'll face the biggest grids yet, which you'll have to solve in the least possible moves.

Turnacle makes great use of the iPhone 5 screen. For exclusive content, try playing Turnacle on your iPad.

This is the kind of game that some people will turn out to be extraordinarily good at! Perhaps you're one of them...


"[It] feels like solving a nicer version of Sudoku"
- mweghorst
"this app is truly amazing! its original, and just plain fun."
- Ahd17
"Turnacle looks and breathes iOS, featuring smooth animations and professional fonts."
½ - coolappsman.com
½ - App Store rating
Based on 400+ reviews. Updated: February 3, 2013



My name is Thomas Visser and I am the creator of Turnacle. I want to know what you think!

Love it? Please let me know. Like it not so much? Please let me know as well. I want to make Turnacle even better and your suggestions are part of that.